Create a tune for nxtBlock

Creating a tune file for nxtBlock is an interesting process. I would recommend knowing how to read sheet music and have some knowledge of music theory before trying to make your own tune this way.

1) Create a new plain text file (.txt) in a text editor (Notepad for Windows and TextEdit for Mac OS X)

2) The format for each note is: frequency|duration#.
When you are done, you should end up with something like the Fur Elise example below. 

Note: Using -1 for the frequency will act as a rest. Also, if you don't want to use note frequencies you can use the note name (e.g. A4, B#4) instead. With this method you will only be able to use A4-A6.

Fur Elise Tune Code:

3) Change the file's extension to '.sng'

4) Upload the file to your iDevice through iTunes. Place the file in the "Tunes" folder in nxtBlock.

If you are having trouble making your tune, feel free to email me.